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Heather Luzzi

Sacramento Director of the SBA,

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A former banking executive with over 30 years of Banking and Finance experience. Luzzi oversees the delivery of SBA services in the Sacramento District’s 22 county
Northern California region.


Luzzi re-joined the SBA in 2017 as the District Director after a three-year absence where she worked for a private sector lender. She is an experienced banker and leader who understands the challenges of small business owners who want to start and grow companies in the Sacramento area. Luzzi is no stranger to small business, as her grandfather owned and operated a furniture store in San Francisco for 40 years, both her Mother and Father were small business owners and the youngest of her three children started his own small business at the young age of 11. Luzzi is strong advocate for small businesses and the communities that her office serves. She has also held various other positions at SBA, such as- Loan Officer, Senior Analyst, District International Trade Officer, and Lender Relations Specialist. As the Small Business Administration’s Sacramento Director, Luzzi is a champion for the region’s entrepreneurs, expands access to SBA programs by under-served communities, increase utilization of SBA services across the district’s 22 North- Eastern Counties. She is responsible and manages all the products and programs for the SBA’s Sacramento Office.

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